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Call us now on 020 8300 7548 or email us at Text us a message on 07930974808 but please note mobile voicemails are not reliable.

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The Primary Tuition Groups were opened in 1992 by Julie Stanton. The Saturday School was opened by Paul Stanton in 1993. Although different companies supplying different services, together they strived to supply a need that was sorely lacking in South East London and North West Kent.

In 1995 they won their first recognition when they won the 'Bexley Business Award.' In 1996 the 'Solotec Business Award' followed just a few months later.

Bexley Business Award The need for both establishments was created by the resultant shortfall that our state schools provide in enabling children to succeed to their full potential in the primary age sector, that being from the age of four to eleven years. True, there were at the time many organisations offering private tuition and one or two who were offering group tuition.

We discovered, however, that not one of them was addressing what we saw as being the biggest problem that prevents children from fulfilling their full potential at school.


Many parents who approached us, with a view to helping their children, did so because their children lacked confidence in Maths or English or both of these subject areas. This resulted in an unwillingness to take risks and a lack of independence. This we realised was, in the main, usually the result of peer pressure within the classroom due to the excessive amount of mixed ability children.

Private tuition on the whole will generally improve a child's conceptual understanding and knowledge of various skills, but will do little or nothing to boost their confidence, and indeed makes them more dependent on getting an immediate response to completed questions. Some conventional Saturday schools, on the other hand, have a tendency to group children according to their age, thereby recreating a classroom set up outside of school hours. As most children's problems stem from their mixed ability class settings, this just gives them more of the same and can have exactly the same detrimental effects by reinforcing their insecurities.
We immediately began by assessing children thoroughly with a view to grouping them according to their ability. We found that children of all ages responded better in a learning situation when grouped with children on the same level.
Studying The small group situation was favoured because ultimately children have to learn to function in a group; this applies to all walks of life, be it at school, college or in the work place. By keeping the groups small the competitive element, which is so essential to helping boost confidence, was retained. It was then realised that by stretching each child, on a weekly basis, from the point that had been determined by the assessment, and then by tempering the teaching with constant praise and positive feed-back, the child made much greater progress.
The News shopper became aware of what we were trying to achieve and promptly wrote a small article highlighting our philosophy. The Saturday School, through this article, recommendation and word of mouth, began to steadily grow. We found we were assessing more and more children on a weekly basis, with parents coming from as far afield as Gravesend, Beckenham, Bromley, Catford and Lewisham. During 1995 it was suggested by some of the parents that we put ourselves forward for the Bexley Business Award.

Although we were proud of the work we were doing, we were a little reluctant to enter. Even so we took the decision to go ahead. A short time later we were amazed and overjoyed to hear that we had in fact won the award.

Andrew Neill

This encouraged us and the following year we were entered for the prestigious Solotec Award, sponsored by Canon UK Ltd. This too, we were fortunate to win and promptly received our award by Mr. Andrew Neill ex-editor of the Sunday Times Newspaper.

We have been in business since 1993 and in that time have assessed numerous children. Both businesses have continued to grow with a Secondary Section opening at The Saturday School for students to continue their studies with us as they study the higher key stages and for GCSE exams.

During this period we have seen many organisations endeavour to capitalise on our methods with varying degrees of success. Regretfully most of them fall into the category of promising much, but actually they deliver little. They provide the same scheme of work for all who attend. They assess their students and start them at the level identified but the work is not tailored to the individual and much time is wasted by the student doing what they do not need to do. However, we will continue in our endeavours to strive to provide an excellent service at an affordable price.       


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Call us now on 020 8300 7548 or email us at Text us a message on 07930974808 but please note mobile voicemails are not reliable.